Dan Couzens Martial Arts Explored

DAN COUZENS IN YOI DACHI. MARTIAL ARTS STANCE IN FRONT OF WATERFALL. BUSHIDO BRISTOL MARTIAL ARTSBefore you begin learning martial arts it is important to consider the commitment required to get value out of the training.

At Bushido Bristol Martial Arts we recommend 1 hour training per week. This may not sound allot but because we are focused on education, in small adult only classes, you will easily gain enough information in that 1 hour class to fill a week of practice in between lessons.

Of course as you develop your skill, and decide you want to pursue higher grades as well as increased levels of ability then more time is required both in the dojo on the mat and in your practice schedule between lesson times. If you want to gain your black belt then you need to get organised and gain focus.

The key though is to take small consistent steps and get into POSITIVE CYCLES or positive routines.


I have trained in BUSHIDO now for over 15 years and there have been the naturally talented, and the grafters but what reign’s supreme is the guy who can be consistent, gradually improving their techniques and practice at sustainable levels over long periods of time. Yes there are peaks and troughs in training as our energy levels change, bodies adapt, circumstances shift, and goals evolve, but in amongst the changing tides of life there must be consistency. Combine consistency with tenacity and few things can stop you.

“A river cuts through the rock not because of its power, but because of its persistence.” anon


Martial Arts is an art form, it takes time to develop the skill sets required. One of the great things about Martial Arts is that it can evolve with you. You can practice martial arts all the way into later life, it may not be the high kicking full on intensity stuff of the twenty something’s, but it will have a different kind power. A power that only a lifetime of consistent dedication can give you. The body needs to move, the mind needs to be stimulated and the situation needs to be mastered. Consistency is king.

Dan Couzens