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Discipline is one of the keys to potential, it is how to move your ability forward, and it is a principle for how things work. Lack discipline and just rely on natural talent and luck and you’ve just given up a great deal of your ability to influence the outcome.

Discipline does not care about your emotions, your disadvantages, your circumstances, your opinions or beliefs, you cannot wish for discipline to be easier but you can work towards a love of discipline.

Once you have developed a certain degree of discipline you will gain a perspective that shows you what is possible if you cultivate yet more discipline. In this way you will always lack discipline, it will always be outside your reach, so, the key to discipline is to understand it’s importance yet don’t base your self worth on it. Life is not black and white and whatever you are disciplined enough to do consistently well, is invariably going to equate to a narrow picture of what is really important.

For martial arts to have any real worth it should lead to a more positive experience of being you. This means that when you practice martial arts it should create a positive uplift. If it doesn’t you are getting something wrong!

But we are emotional creatures, we need to see improvements and when we know we haven’t put the work in to get better we give our selves a hard time. This self-criticism is seldom constructive! Just get back on track and begin the process of acquiring discipline again.

5 Misconceptions about Discipline.

1/ Restrictive

Discipline is the opposite of restrictive; discipline is the key in creating physical liberation. What’s this? Physical liberation is the ability to do what you want, with whom you want, when you want. Sound selfish? Only if what you want to do doesn’t benefit humanity in anyway.

2/ Takes From Me

Discipline gives to you, it gives you the ability to be do martial arts well, drive a car, play a guitar, run a business, manage a workload, get fit and stay healthy. Discipline doesn’t take anything from you it gives to you the ability to meet life’s demands and gain real worth from doing so.

3/ It’s Not Enjoyable

Discipline is one of the most vitally enjoyable things you can do and experience in your life as long as what you are putting effort into is fully in line with who you are. Know thyself is the ultimate discipline.

4/ It’s Hard

Actually, this isn’t a misconception, it is hard, it’s hard because the world is full of distractions, negative influences and easier options that promise the same outcome! Go the harder route it’s usually the right one.

5/ I Can’t

Part of the issue with discipline is self-perception; in an earlier blog I write about positive cycles where vision is the first step on the cycle. You have to be able to see yourself doing it for a reason that is highly motivating for you.

My observation is that discipline doesn’t happen without a formula;

Vision + Reason + Motivation = Discipline

Make the vision exciting; make the reason bigger than you, keep yourself motivated and discipline will begin to happen. Start with what you have an affinity for, continue by understanding how this helps others and you are already half way there…

Dan Couzens