Dan Couzens Martial Arts Explored, Self Development



Fear has a habit of going undetected. Fear is like black holes in the night sky; you can’t see one directly but you can see its effect. This is the first step in uncovering and then dissolving fear.

Like black holes, fear swallows up anything that gets close to its event horizon, dreams and aspirations can vanish without trace if your not careful. Even confidence can vanish when fear is present.

The difference between fear and black holes though, is once detected; fear can be easily dealt with. Simply becoming aware of fear and its effects means you have taken significant strides in overcoming it.

Be like a stargazer searching in the night sky, but rather than looking out, look in. Look for the stars, which represent your innate talents and abilities but also search for the black holes.


It takes courage to look at ourselves truthfully, possibly even more so in the advent of the online digital identity. If we look we will inevitably find things we would prefer weren’t there. However, if you put in the effort and begin the journey of self-discovery, the reward far out ways the struggle.

Martial arts are not easy to grasp, it’s not like playing a computer game, it’s like learning a musical instrument, it’s not like watching a box set, it’s like climbing a mountain. It’s about how you want to spend your time and what sort of person you want to be. Do you want to spend your times being a spectator or do you want to get out into the world and develop talents of your own?

For me it all started in the dojo. Learn the discipline, learn that working hard has it’s own rewards; combine this with challenges that you have a deep desire to face and you will go along way to uncover what fears may lie within and maybe one day you’ll discover things about yourself that will surprise even you. Confidence is relatively easy, the pursuit of mastership and knowing yourself, that’s the hard bit.

Dan Couzens