Dan Couzens Martial Arts Explored, Self Development

martial arts in bristol instructor stand on rocks


If we could narrow all Martial Arts down to one goal, would it be about becoming fearless?For me, this is what Martial Arts are about.


There is an old idea in Martial Arts sometimes referred to as the unification of spirit. martial arts in bristol. instructor sword cut over ocean

The idea points to the possibility of our actions, intent and thoughts working in harmony towards a common goal. It seems that we are often split between multiple motivations unsure of whether to go this way or that way… Martial arts are often about decisive action, learning from doing and then iterate our approach based upon the results.

A funny example of this; have you ever been around children who are enjoying playing so much they don’t want to go to the toilet and need to have some guidance just so they make it on time?

In some ways in adult hood not a lot has changed! Whilst we mostly have control of our bladder, it seems as though we get so involved in certain aspects of our lives that we forget or don’t listen to other important aspects of ourselves.

Martial arts are way of acknowledging and taking care of the aspects of ourselves that everyday life forgets about. It’s about carving out the time for you to work on you, develop awareness of body and mind and uncover more of your potential.

Dan Couzens