Fitness & Martial Arts (Part 1)

Dan Couzens Fitness & Martial Arts

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Martial arts has always been synonymous with fitness.

Bushido Bristol does not treat martial arts as just a workout. We concentrate on education. The aim is to gain fitness while practicing and honing your martial arts skill.

The types of fitness you will develop are varied. Over time you will develop strength, endurance, speed, agility, balance, coordination and flexibility.

Bushido is a great fitness model for the following reasons. The syllabus provides clear goals which are challenging rewarding and achievable. It’s mentally stimulating because the focus is on skill. It requires all-round fitness, creating a healthy balanced body. Martial arts is an art form with expression, depth, and creativity. The techniques are progressive so you can learn them in a constructive and safe way. Martial arts are a lifelong endeavor.

There is no end to learning martial arts; you will continually find new motivations, new reasons to progress and new reasons to stay active.

Martial Arts Training

To further my advancement as a martial artist I have included multiple aspects into my training regime over the years. Here are some aspects which I consider important if you want to keep the body health whilst progressing in your martial arts training.

Skill development

You should try and keep your training as specific as possible. Practice the techniques until they become instinctive. The majority of your training should be martial arts.

“If you want to get good at martial arts, do martial arts.”


How well does your body move? There is a whole host of ideas and techniques to ensure the body moves well. Mobility is also about injury prevention and rehabilitation. There are some techniques we must make sure we are prepared for before pushing our ability.

Weight training

There is no doubt that weight training has massive positive health benefits. I am an advocate of Kettlebell training. Stay safe and get expert instruction. Lifting weights poorly is a surefire way to get injured.

Nutrition & Hydration

You can forget about significant gains in fitness if you don’t consider what you eat. To get your head around the best way forward regarding your nutrition requires a significant investment of your time. That said if you change what you eat for the better, then you have just made one of the best moves of your life.


The body needs rest and needs assistance in recovering from exercise. Sleep is probably the most universally profound thing we all do every day. Learning ways to get better quality sleep is a good idea.

The Future

Over the next few weeks, I will be going into more depth on the above subjects. There isn’t enough time to learn everything in the Dojo. So these posts will be intended to act as support for those wishing to take their health, fitness, and martial arts ability onto another level.

Dan Couzens